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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Is Fascism Fascism? A Skews Debate

Biden’s Philadelphia speech triggered all the wrong people.

Some have gone so far has to say it was most racially divisive speech ever which is funny because the words “race” and “racism” are never mentioned.

Let’s take a look.

Watch President Biden deliver his speech on the “battle for the soul of the nation” in Philadelphia

So what is the Fox News crowd so angry about?

First, there’s the whole look of the speech.

I probably wouldn’t have went with the Darth Maul red. It’s almost like someone at the White House was passing around “Dark Brandon” memes and decided to just go with it.

But I guess if people think you’re your candidate is senile and weak an epic evil badass is a trade off aesthetic choice that you’d be willing to make.

Second, other critics were like, “Oh, you shouldn’t give a political speech with a marine standing behind him.”

Never mind the fact that Trump used US military members as a backstop to take over that church with his upside down Bible during the George Floyd protests. Or — George W. Bush’s little “mission accomplished” aircraft carrier stunt.

“Hit dogs holler,” as they say. And at the end of the day it the part that got the MAGA Republicans most upset was when President Biden called, them “Semi Fascist”.

Historian Ian Kershaw once wrote that “trying to define ‘fascism’ is like trying to nail jelly to the wall.”

That’s because each historical version of fascist has many unique elements, and many definitions of fascism have been criticized as either too broad or too narrow. According to many scholars, fascism—especially once in power—has historically attacked communism, conservatism, and parliamentary liberalism, attracting support primarily from the far-right.

Professor Jason Stanley defined Fascism as “a cult of the leader who promises national restoration in the face of humiliation brought on by supposed communists, Marxists and minorities and immigrants who are supposedly posing a threat to the character and the history of a nation.”

Sound familiar?

After Biden’s speech, Stephen Miller went on TV, in a joker suit to talk about how divisive it was. And remember. Miller was Donald Trump’s lead speech writer. He wrote Trump’s first State of the Union which was titled “American Carnage.”

One of the most common aspects to fascism is a promise of a return to an imagined mythical past. Every country has a different mythical past. Mussolini, who essentially coined the term, promised to reestablish the Roman Empire. That was the glorious days right?

Hitler filtered it through Germanic and Nordic conquerors like the Vikings. The Japanese are trying to reestablish their samurai empire.

Today, for MAGA Republicans, their myth takes us back to the Jim Crow 1950s.

Make America Great Again. Right?

So debating whether or not a particular person is in fact, “fascist” by ticking the dictionary definition is going to be tough. Every flavor of fascist is slightly different.

But if a person endorses violence and threats of violence to restore an imagined national greatness, that’s all you really need to know.


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