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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Trae Crowder

(Don’t) RIP Kissinger

Tonight we do a rapid fire breakdown of the most current goings-on in the American political sphere before settling in for a veritable dissertation from Smart Mark on the all-too-long life and nigh-incomprehensible crimes...

School Vouchers: Ain’t It

Tonight we discuss the growing trend of school voucher programs in red states, including (of course) Trae’s home state of Tennessee, which is set to expand their already controversial program tremendously. The problem with...

Feast of Dumbasses

Tonight Trae returns, as he and Mark celebrate the forthcoming holiday with a bounty of dumbassery including Elon’s sword, Santos’s weiner, Argentina’s new lunatic President, and many many more. Enjoy.

Fight Night

It was a rootin’ tootin’ day at congress with at least two instances of almost fisticuffs. To whatever extent it was hidden Trump went full on mask-off fascist over the weekend. Also should the...